Currently, the disease situation of Covid 19 in Vietnam has been controlled . The University of Social Sciences and Humanities - Vietnam National University decided to let students attend classes from 4/5/2020.

The Faculty of Vietnamese studies will continue the previously suspended classes from 11/5/2020 and announce the opening the Vietnamese new courses, as follow: Expected opening time:

Course 280: starting on 18/5/2020

Course 281: starting on 25/5/2020

Course M265 (Mon-Wed-Fri): starting on 18/5/2020

Course T262 (Tue-Thu): starting on 21/5/2020

Registration period: from 4/5/2020 (8:00am to 19:30pm each day; from Monday to Friday)

Preferential treatment: Students who register to take Vietnamese classes of Course 280, Course 281, Course M265, Course T262 will receive 10% discount on tuition. Regulations on tuition reduction when students pay the full course and 03 days before the start of the course arc still in accordance with the old regulations (5% reduction).

For more information about the Course, please refer to the website of f aculty of Vietnam Studies: or contact directly at the office of f aculty of Vietnam Studies (room C002).

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