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Reading room regulations

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Reading room regulations

Room                            :        C411, 10-12, Dinh Tien Hoang St., D.1, HCMC.

Opening hours    :        From 8:00 a.m – 12:00 p.m, Monday – Friday

  1. Available for:

Teachers, students, learners of all modes of training of the Faculty of Vietnamese Studies, University of Social Sciences and Humanities - Vietnam National University – Hochiminh City. Other entities must be approved by the Dean.

  1. Reading Room services:

-Borrowing books, reading materials on site.

-Borrowing books and materials to take home. Available for: Teachers, graduate students, regular students of the Faculty of Vietnamese Studies.

- Photocopying documents.

- Internet Access

  1. Regulations for borrowing, returning of documents, photocopying and internet access:

-Readers present lecturer ID card, student ID card when borrowing materials

- Quantity and Time Limit for borrowing materials

Types Quantity Time Limit
Books 1 1 week
Journals 2 1 week

- Materials should be checked before borrowing.

- If materials are detected to be torn or damaged, the librarian must be immediately reported to. If not, readers will be responsible for and pay compensation for damages detected when returning books.

- Register with the librarian or library manager to access the internet. Only use the internet to look up materials for learning, research; not to chat, play games or access unwholesome sites.

- If there is a demand for document capture, contact the librarian. Photocopying fee is of VND500 / sheet (1 side). Photocopy only part, not the whole document.

  1. Regulations for using Reading Room

- Keep quiet and sanitation in the Reading Room.

- Do not bring food and drinks into the Reading Room, do not smoke, do not arbitrarily move furniture.

- Set your phone in vibrate mode, go out when you need to use the phone.

- The Reading Room has the right to refuse service to readers whose attitude, costume are inconsistent with the educational environment.

- Readers are required to be attentive to keep good care of equipments and materials at the Reading Room. Compensation must be paid if damaged.

- Books must be returned at the designated places after reading.

- Do not take books, newspapers and equipments out of the Reading Room without the permission of the librarian.

  1. Handling of Violations

- Books must be returned on time. If you wish to continue using the borrowed materials, you need to go to the library to make a renewal.  For late return of materials, readers must pay a fee 2,000 VND / day. (If second offence made, Reading Room using will be suspended.)

- In case of damage: If the damage does not affect the use of the books, readers pay a compensation of 50% of the price on the book cover. If the book doesn’t have a printed price, the Reading Room will charge basing on the price of the material with equivalent number of pages.

-  In case of loss: Readers must buy and return an original copy or pay compensation for the Reading Room to buy another copy of the book. With those books which are no longer on the market, Readers must pay according to the price list of the Faculty of Vietnamese Studies for each type of material.

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