An interesting talk on the word "TAM" in the tale of Kieu by Proffesor Quyen Di at Faculty of Vietnamese studies

Thursday, 03 January 2013
Category: Conferences

On July 26, 2011 at Faculty of Vietnamese Studies, Prof Quyen Di Chuc Bui (CSU- Long Beach, USA) gave a very interesting talk on the word “Tam” in Truyen Kieu (The Tale of Kieu - Nguyen Du). This talk attracted many lecturers from departments of our university and other universities, graduate students, as well as students to participate.

All attendee felt interesting with his discoveries about “Tam”. The illustration part by doctor Thu Ha also attracted lots of attention. She recited verses from Truyen Kieu and enthusiastically sang some songs in Kieu Ca (Truyen Kieu was set to music by doctor Truong Thin).