Faculty of Vietnamese Studies held “Teaching Vietnamese Studies and Vietnamese Language” scientific seminar

Thursday, 03 January 2013
Category: Conferences

On June 16, 2012, teaching staff’s scientific seminar on “Methods and Content of teaching Viet Nam studies and Vietnamese” was held successfully at Faculty of Vietnamese Studies. 22 papers with rich and varied content suggested many trends of research as well as innovated methods of teaching, etc. Among these papers were 8 papers researching on Viet Nam culture and literature. The others focused on methods in teaching Vietnamese Studies and Vietnamese skills. 7 papers presented at seminar attracted a lot of attention.

In general, all papers are practical and useful for the work of teaching Vietnamese language and Vietnamese Studies. This is also a preparation step for the seminar cooperated with Faculty of Vietnamese of Ha Noi National University held on 2012 August in Ha Noi. The cooperative seminar in Ha Noi will be a good chance for participants to announce their research results and shared their experiences in teaching Vietnamese as a foreign language. In addition, participants can meet and discuss with each other in order to enhance combined research and teaching of Vietnamese.

This is an useful scientific activity for those who have researched and taught Vietnamese and Vietnamese Studies for foreigners.