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Giới thiệu nhà tuyển dụng MCKILLOP VIETNAM Co., Ltd.

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MCKILLOP VIETNAM Co., Ltd. was established and operating in VN on 06/04/2001. The Singapore Company was founded with 100% foreign capital investment.

The main business lines of the company are specialized construction consulting includes:

- Design planning, architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical, establish feasibility project, project management, construction management; provide research service, investigation and providing market information.

- Advisory service and real estate management.

- Service equipment management in the construction sector.

- Investment consulting civil construction, industrial; consultancy in construction procurement.

Recruitment position: Project coordinator

Quantity:                               01 person

Job Description:

- Reviewing in direct and monitoring of works under construction

- Write a construction progress report and report back to superior


- Fluency in English

- Prioritize knowledge and expertise on construction.


- Well qualified staff can sign a formal contract.

- Activity working environment, friendly and advancement opportunities. Additional training to improve professional skills.

Salary:                       Deal with supervisor


- CV (in English), the relevant certificate (if applicable)

- Resume with 4x6 photo (no more than 6 months)

- Copy of ID card, Passport

Direct Contact: Ms. Trịnh Hồng NHung

e-mail: 이 이메일 주소는 스팸봇으로부터 보호됩니다. 보시려면 자바스크립트를 사용 가능으로 해야됩니다.


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