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Vietnamese Studies

Vietnamese culture discovery program

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This program offers an opportunity for academic study of language, history and culture of pre-modern and modern Vietnam. No previous Vietnamese language study is required.

Students will participate in cultural excursions to the fascinating cultural treasures of Saigon, to the Mekong Delta area and other cultural and historic sites. Excursions to central and northern Vietnam can be arranged as options.

Cultural exchanges will be one of the most important activities by which foreign students will have opportunities to meet and exchange experiences with Vietnamese students who are studying in Vietnamese Universities. One week stays in the home of a family will be arranged to acquaint foreign students to the daily life of Vietnamese: meals, entertainment activities, family relationship, etc.

As an option, students may substitute a portion of hours of Vietnamese instruction with additional organized culture tours. However, at least 60 % of the time must be devoted to the Vietnamese language classes to ensure a minimum capacity in the Vietnamese language to integrate with daily life experiences.

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