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Faculty of Vietnamese Study held a students’ scientific conference, school year 2010-2011

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On May 21, 2011, Faculty of Vietnamese Study (VNS) held a scientific conference for students. The workshop attracted lecturers and students from first year to fourth year, as well as graduate students to participate.

Topics joining this year’s workshop were plentiful, mentioning many issues in many study fields (Language, Literature, Culture and Society, etc.). Among 12 reports presented at the workshop, there were 6 of research topics at university level. The others were reports from a field trip of third year students (Cohort 8) in An Nhon district, Binh Dinh province. These research topics focused on a number of traditional villages in An Nhon district (Bang Chau bronze casting, Tay Phuong iron forging, Bau Da wine brewery, Nam Phuong Danh brocade weaving, Truong Cuu rice girdle cake making, Ngai Chanh rice vermicelli making, Nhon Hau wood crafts and fine arts, Van Son pottery, Go Gang conical hat, Tay Son martial arts). Although time was limited but students did very well with high efforts to make such good reports.

Especially, research topics of comparative methods achieved high scientific quality and attracted lots of attention at the conference: Learning about Buddhism in Vietnam in comparison with Buddhism in Thailand; A comparison of expressions in quantity in Vietnamese and Korean language; Bau Da wine brewery in Nhon Loc in comparison with wine brewery in An Dong, Korea; Studying brocade weaving in An Nhon, Binh Dinh province (related to Hansan Mosi hemp fabric weaving in Korea). This is an advantage of VNS students compared with students in other faculties.

The result of this year’s students’ scientific conference showed great efforts from both lecturers and students at VNS. The workshop also showed a high potentiality of research among students, promising better research results in the future.

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