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Программа бакалавриата по профилю “Вьетнамистикa”
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Advisory and Supported Student Committee Presentation

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In November, 1st, 2012, Advisory and Supported Student Committee (Students Services Office) of Vietnamese Studies Faculty was established. This office is located in room A025 (near the office of the Vietnamese Studies Faculty).

We understand that there are difficulties in international student’s studies and life. This Committee also has been established to help students to understand the regulations of the University and Faculty in the choice of subjects, examination regulations, program ceasing, re-studied, program skipping; how we will evaluate students’ training marks (for graduate students). If the graduate students (especially the first year) cannot keep up with the program, there is a team of tutors will help you catch up the knowledge of the program.

This Committee will also provide information on scientific research, joining processes’ instruction, how to write proposals, provide information about academic competitions such as “Speaking Vietnamese contest”.

For those who want to take Vietnamese courses, we will examine the qualifications and give consultancy for you to select the most suitable courses. In addition, we also provide information about extra-curricular activities of the Faculty such as picnics, clubs, Faculty’s Celebration, sports events with Vietnamese students, housing introduction etc.

Schedule of the counseling and student support: the morning of Tuesday, Thursday from 9.00 to 12.00; from Monday to Thursday from 13.00 to 17.00

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