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Программа бакалавриата по профилю “Вьетнамистикa”
по стандартам Университетской сети АСЕАН (АUN)


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This program is designed to provide Vietnamese language courses for all foreigners who intend to learn Vietnamese language to meet their specific needs. Every 2 weeks, students are welcome to join classes organized according to their purpose and level. Students can be in different kinds of classes, such as individual classes where intensive or special courses are offered, or group classes that facilitate conversation and cultural exchanges.

Our Faculty is additionnally prepared to design special programs for students who are studying Vietnamese language in their own country, and want to improve their Vietnamese level either in an inter-university cooperative program or for personal purposes. These programs will be arranged according to the students’ requirements.

In addition, we also have short term training programs organized to receive students, research students, and student groups from universities all around the world.

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