Thứ bảy, 05 Tháng 1 2013
Chủ đề con: Program & Certification

Periodic evaluation tests are arranged between students and teachers for the purpose of measuring the student’s progress.

Certificate of Attendance:

At any time, a Certificate of Attendance can be issued to those who do not take the evaluation tests.

Certificate of Achievement:

A Certificate of Achievement will be issued to those who meet the following requirements:

+ Student Attendance

The evaluation test for any certificate will be organized only when the student has attended 90% of the total class hours.

+ Final Evaluation Test

The final evaluation test will include several sections. The student must achieve at least 50% on each section to pass the exam.

+ Accreditation

In the Certificate of Achievement, the Vietnamese course name, the length of study and the level are fully noted. The certification is recognized by the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, and can be transferred to other